09.07 - 14.07.19

The festival is held every two years in July in the Bach city of Weimar, giving visitors access and exposure to Bach at the highest level. Renowned international artists and ensembles play historical baroque instruments, bringing the music to life at authentic Bach locations across Weimar. Inspired by the young Bach, the Bach Biennale Weimar leaves its own unique mark with event formats such as lunch and hiking concerts, baroque parties and lecture concerts, making Bach an individual encounter.

Audiences experience Bach in the modern context of this cultural city: Weimar’s Bach history and stories are told at original sites such as the Herderkirche (Church of Ss Peter and Paul) and St Jacob’s Church with musical accompaniment. The Bach Biennale Weimar achieved national fame by being the first festival to organise a performance in the jail cell where Bach was imprisoned out of royal disgrace in 1718. The KIBA (Kinder Bach Biennale), as a “music and crafts workshop” has been thrilling children aged 6-14 with workshops and interactive concerts and city tours since 2012.