30.10 - 03.10.19
28.10 - 01.11.20

Since 2017, the Evangelical Lutheran Church Community of Eisenach has been holding the annual Bachfest Eisenach on Reformation Day (31 October). Johann Sebastian Bach was born in Eisenach on 21 March 1685, and baptised at St George’s Church two days later. Eisenach is where the life paths of Johann Sebastian Bach and Martin Luther meet, the pair having both been students of the Latin school and sung in the Eisenach youth choir, albeit 200 years apart.The Eisenach Bach Festival features cantata services, orchestra, chamber and organ concerts, presentations, city tours and themed bus rides.

It is coupled with a series of other concerts and events at St George’s Church, including the Eisenacher Sonntagskonzerte that run at 4pm every Sunday from Easter to the end of October, and the 30-minute Eisenacher Marktkonzerte organ-music concerts, held daily (except Sundays) from July to September.