Bach Cycling Experience Route

Underway with Johann Sebastian bach

Forest meadows, gentle hills, green valleys, and castles shrouded in legends all make up the attraction of Thuringia. Johann Sebastian Bach spent the first 30 years of his life in the midst of this picturesque landscape. The some 60-kilometre-long Bach Cycling Experience Route leads through the places that formed Bach’s childhood and youth.

Enjoy a varied circular bicycle tour through charming places with half-timbered houses and the impressive panoramic views from the mountain ranges of the Thuringian Forest!

Enjoy the Bach Cycling Experience Route!

You can find inspiration for your visit to the Thuringian Bach sites here.

Discover Bach by bicycle

You can start the cycle route at any of the small Bach sites. Be enchanted by the young, temperamental Bach in Arnstadt. In the area around Crawinkel, Konik horses and llamas graze on large meadows. Walk in Bach’s tracks as a Latin pupil and choir boy in Ohrdruf. Cycle on to Wechmar; Johann Sebastian Bach’s ancestors worked here as bakers in the originally preserved Oberbackhaus and in the Veit-Bach-Mill. From there you can return to Arnstadt. Cycling along the proud castles Drei Gleichen, you can literally hear the sound of the wooden cartwheels of days gone by. And if you are not out of breath yet, you can cycle from Arnstadt to the church where Bach was married in Dornheim along the paths taken by the wedding party.

Circular route: 54 km, turn-off to Arnstadt-Dornheim 6 km
Trail conditions: mainly asphalt, in part water-bound gravel or forest track
Altitude difference: approx. 250-500 metres above sea level
Level of difficulty: easy to moderate

Arnstadt, Gotha (approx. 5 km to start in Wechmar), Haarhausen (approx. 2 km to start in Holzhausen)

Arnstadt: Wollmarkt (Wollmarkt 13, 99310 Arnstadt)
Dornheim: the church where Bach was married (Kirchgasse 1, 99310 Arnstadt)
Ohrdruf: Ehrenstein Castle (Schlossplatz 1, 99885 Ohrdruf)
Wechmar: opposite the Bach ancestral home (Bachstraße 4, 99869 Günthersleben-Wechmar)
Mühlberg: Kulturscheune (Thomas-Müntzer-Straße 4, 99869 Drei Gleichen OT Mühlberg)
Holzhausen: below Veste Wachsenburg (Veste Wachsenburg 2, 99310 Wachsenburg)

Arnstadt: Alteburg castle tower (in Alteburg castle), Neideck toswer (castle garden)
Ohrdruf: water tower (on Goldberg)
Mühlberg: Mühlburg
Holzhausen: Veste Wachsenburg

Arnstadt: Tourist-Information Arnstadt, Markt 1, 99310 Arnstadt

Thuringian Town Chain Cycle Trail (225 km): Start: Mühlberg (Marktplatz), Wechmar (Bach ancestral home), 
Apfelstädt Cycle Trail (27 km): Start: Schwabhausen ("Am Steinig"/gravel mine)
Gera Cycle Trail (75 km): Start: Arnstadt (Wollmarkt)

Impressions of the Bach Cycling Experience Route