Following the Footsteps of Johann Sebastian Bach

The Path of the Family of Bach Musicians

You can find inspiration for your visit to the Thuringian Bach sites here.

Travel comfortably by car or train to the historic and authentic places where the world-famous composer and organist lived.

You can find more ideas for your journey following Johann Sebastian Bach's footsteps here.

Tour Tips

Day 1

We suggest that you begin your visit to Eisenach by going to see the Georgenkirche (St. George’s Church) and then continuing on to the Bachhaus (Bach House). After that, go to Wechmar to visit the Bach Ancestral Home, or take a walking tour of Ohrdruf and take in the Sankt-Trinitatis-Kirche (Church of the Holy Trinity).

Tip: Every October, the Eisenach Bach Festival takes place.

Day 2

On the second day, discover the Bach city of Arnstadt and its impressive Bach Church, the Bach monument and the newly conceived Bach exhibition at the Schlossmuseum (Castle Museum). Only three kilometers away, you can see the church where Bach was married, in Dornheim. The day draws to a close in Erfurt.

Tip: Every February, the Bach-Festival-Arnstadt takes place.

Day 3

Your stay in Erfurt begins with a walk through the medieval historic center. On the way, you will see many churches where members of the Bach family were once employed, including the Kaufmannskirche (Merchants’ Church) and the Augustinerkirche (Augustinian Church). If you take a side trip to Weimar, about 20 kilometers away, you can take a walking tour and see the City Church of Saints Peter and Paul.

Tip: Each year, the Bach Biennale Weimar takes place here in July.

Erster Tag

  1. Eisenach
    Saint George's Church
    Bach House Eisenach
  2. Wechmar
    Bach Ancestral Home with Museum
  3. Ohrdruf
    Guided tour

Zweiter Tag

  1. Arnstadt
    Bach Church
    Bach Monument
    Bach Exhibition
  2. Dornheim
    Bach's Matrimonial Church 

Day 3

  1. Erfurt
    Guided walking tour
    Augustinian Church
  2. Weimar
    Guided tour
    Church of St Peter and Paul