Following the Footsteps of Johann Sebastian Bach

The Paths of the young Bach

You can find inspiration for your visit to the Thuringian Bach sites here.

Travel comfortably by car or train to the historic and authentic places where the world-famous composer and organist lived.

You can find more ideas for your journey following Johann Sebastian Bach's footsteps here.

Tour Tips

Day 1

Begin your journey following the footsteps of the young rebel, Johann Sebastian Bach in Eisenach. In a space comprising over 600 square meters, the Bachhaus (Bach House) in Eisenach boasts the world’s largest exhibition on Bach’s life and work. Visitors can enjoy a concert featuring baroque instruments that take place here every hour. Afterwards, we recommend a visit to the Georgenkirche (St. George’s Church), in which Johan Sebastian Bach was baptized. This is also where Martin Luther preached during the Reformation.

Tip: There are interactive listening stations located in front of the Bach House, at St. George’s and the Latin School in Eisenach.

Day 2

In Arnstadt, you begin your tour at the Bachkirche (Bach Church) and the Bach monument by Bernd Göbel. At the exhibition in the Schlossmuseum (Castle Museum) you can see the manual of the organ that was completed in 1703, which Johann Sebastian Bach played while he was employed in Arnstadt. Continue on to Weimar for a stroll through the historic center of the town. Don’t miss the experience space “Bach in Weimar” inside the Bastille of the Stadtschloss (City Castle).

Tip: Each stop is included on the Digital Bach-Tour in the free Thuringia.MyCulture-App

Day 3

Continue your stay in Weimar by taking a walking tour and visiting the City Church of Saints Peter and Paul, where many of Johann Sebastian Bach’s children were baptized. After an hour and a half’s drive, you arrive in Mühlhausen, where visits to the historic Rathaus (Town Hall) and the Alte Kanzlei (Old Chancellery) are a must for all Bach fans. This is where Bach is said to have signed his employment contract. The churches of Saint Mary and Divi Blasii emmanate a unique aura.

Tip: Each year in June and July numerous concerts take place in Mühlhausen during the Thuringian Organ Summer

Day 1

  1. Eisenach
    Bach House Eisenach
    Saint George's Church

Day 2

  1. Arnstadt
    Bach Church
    Bach Monument
    Bach Exhibition
  2. Weimar
    City tour by carriage
    Experience space "Bach in Weimar"

Day 3

  1. Weimar
    Guided tour
    Church of St. Peter und Paul
  2. Mühlhausen
    Town Hall
    Divi Blasii Church in Mühlhausen
    Marienkirche Mühlhausen