Eisenach Bach festival

Bach and the Bible

Since 2017, the Evangelical-Lutheran Parish of Eisenach has organized the Eisenach Bach Festival around Reformation Day on 31 October. Johann Sebastian Bach was born on 21 March 1685 in Eisenach and was baptized two days later at Saint George’s church.


Johann Sebastian Bach’s and Martin Luther’s paths crossed in Eisenach, where - 200 years apart - both attended Latin school here and sang in the Eisenach “Kurrende” (walking choir). During the Eisenach Bach Festival, you can experience cantata worship services, orchestra concerts, chamber music and organ, lectures, guided tours, and themed bus trips.

Programm 2020/2021

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Along with the Eisenach Bach Festival, there are many other concerts and series of events at Saint George’s, including the Eisenach Sunday Concerts from Easter until the end of October at 4:00 p. m. or the Eisenach Market Concerts, daily (except Sundays) from July until September with 30 minutes of organ music.


Fotos: Robert Elias Wachholz, weimar GmbH

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