International Bach festival

In Gotha/Ohrdruf

The International Bach Festival Gotha / Ohrdruf offers more than 60 events, including the annual meeting of the New Bach Society with around 800 members from all over the world. The concert series engages international as well as local performers.


Under the focus with the title “Bach in his time - At home in Thuringia” everything will be about the Bach family in Thuringia and their local roots in the surrounding towns and villages - such as Arnstadt, Eisenach, Wechmar and of course, Ohrdruf . The thematic focus extends to Veit Bach, the founder of the musical branch of the family in Wechmar.

Program 2021

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As the second focus of the Bach Festival, the St. John Passion will be heard in three different versions. The third focus makes the Bach family accessible to everyone. The offers presented here are intended to provide both Bach connoisseurs and Bach laypeople, including children, with easy access to the topic and approach it from many different perspectives. For example, visitors to the Bach Festival can listen to a children's play, watch a community play or take part in organ and bicycle tours. In addition, the annual Gotha Baroque Festival on August 28 and 29, 2021, will make Bach at the time of the Baroque era an authentic experience at Friedenstein Castle.


Fotos: Robert Elias Wachholz, weimar GmbH

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