Thuringian Organ Summer

Historic variety of sounds

In Germany the organ enjoys such great respect that the UNESCO entered Germany’s organ building on its list of Cultural Heritage. If you go exploring in Thuringia, you will become part of a very special audience: about 2.000 examples of this “Queen of all instruments” from six centuries can be found here.


Along with the impressions that Johann Sebastian Bach collected in northern Germany, it was the Thuringian organs that influenced his idea of the perfect sound. Later, as a virtuoso, composer and inspector, he influenced organ building during his lifetime.

Program 2021

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Every year since 1991, renowned musicians bring these organs to life and surprize their audiences with special instrumentations and programmes. To this date, more than 2,000 concerts have been performed. Many communities offer small culinary attractions and invite visitors to enjoy their social gatherings.


Fotos: Robert Elias Wachholz, weimar GmbH

Zukünftige Termine